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> Hi all!
> I'm reposting this from postgresql-patches, where it didn't seem to
> get picked up.  It's a patch implementing

It's probably in my todo folder. It's quite easy to miss the odd patch or two 
with the amount of email I get, which was one of the reasons for creating the 
jdbc list. JDBC Patches are best sent here not to patches.

> DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo().  Please see attached files.

I'll take a look shortly (quietish morning at work ;-) ).

One comment, getArray() isn't supported as I'm not sure how we would implement 
it. The JDBC idea of an array is totally alien to what PostgreSQL thinks of an 
array. That is why I left it out of 7.1.

Any ideas on implementing it would be useful (otherwise it's going to be 
another custom api for 7.2).


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