You shouldn't have any problems with the 7.1 drivers doing what you 
need.  The 7.1 jdbc driver should correctly handle timezones.  The 7.0 
drivers didn't work correctly if the client timezone and server 
timezones were different.

Since 7.1 is still in beta, please test it out and report any bugs you find.


David Wall wrote:

> In reading about how Timestamps are stored in Postgresql 7.1 (they are
> stored in GMT based on the TZ in effect on the server running the backend),
> I was wondering how this impacts JDBC.
> We want to be able to retrieve timestamps from the database and then show
> them to invididual users based on their specified timezone which we know in
> advance.  With Java, I can take a Date/Calendar and get the current time
> using a specified TimeZone object.  Does the JDBC then know to always
> retrieve the timestamp and keep it internally as GMT, too so that all the
> time zone stuff will work?
> Thanks,
> David
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