On 9 Mar 2001, Gunnar R|nning wrote:

> [snip] Of course your milage may vary, but this is not really a pgsql
> related question... ;-D Unless of course we are talking about implementing
> pooling for the DataSource class, but that is somewhat unrelated as well...

That's something that I'm a bit confused about -- there is very little
documentation on the DataSource class in the sources. One comment in
particular confuses me:

     * This is a pool of free underlying JDBC connections. If two
     * XA connections are used in the same transaction, the second
     * one will make its underlying JDBC connection available to
     * the pool. This is not a real connection pool, only a marginal
     * efficiency solution for dealing with shared transactions.

This is not a real connection pool?

It seems to me that the JavaDoc for this class should be expanded to
explain more just what kind of pool it provides.

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