At 20:22 09/03/01 +0100, Alberto Otero García wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>         I'm planning to do a tool in order to reverse engineer from a 
> database
>already created to a UML diagram. I'd like to do the test with a PostgreSQL
>database, but I've found that DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData objects
>are not fully implemented. This classes are required to do the job I'm
>planning, so, does anybody know if will be implemented and released in a short

About 12 methods are left unimplemented in 7.1. However as per the specs 
they do throw an SQLException to indicate that they are not implemented, 
which makes us virtually compliant.

What methods are you trying to use?

>         Thank you very much in advance for your help.
>P.D.: if anybody knows about some open source that already does this tasks,
>please tell me.

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