Peter Mount writes:

> What's the difference between uninstall and clean?

'clean' undoes 'all', 'uninstall' undoes 'install'.

> >* honour the default port as specified to configure
> Hmm, not a good idea. The driver should be as globally useable (part of
> write once run anywhere), so this would be pretty disasterous.

ISTM that if the user actually goes through the trouble of building the
driver himself (as opposed to downloading the jar file) as well as
configuring with a non-standard port (as opposed to configuring the port
at runtime) he probably wants the JDBC driver in on that deal.  It also
seems unlikely that he would take this driver and send it to some random
person to make a point about "run anywhere".

> So far our standard has been to use 5432 if no port is supplied.

It's still this way.  As I said, only people that use configure
--with-pgport see any change, and those people know what they're getting

> >* allow building outside the source tree
> >(This doesn't actually work, because Ant always puts the build dir
> >relative to the source dir, but at least the whole thing will proceed
> >smoothly when the rest of the tree builds this way.)
> You can by passing the base dir in the ant command line using -D
> ant -Ddest=/tmp/dest -Djars=/tmp/jars
> would build unti /tmp/dest and put the jars under /tmp/jars

That's what I thought, but for some reason it always appends the path to
the current directory, even if it's absolute.  Might be an old version of

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