Try setting CLASSPATH to the path for the jar itself, not the directory
in which you placed it.

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Dax Duskin wrote:

> Are you running postmaster with the -i option?
> Bart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 03/21/2001 02:00:45 PM
> Subject:  [JDBC] I can't connect
> I installed debian 2.2r2 with _all_ the postgres-packages, I created
> a database and via psql I can do whatever I want with the DB. Now
> I'm trying to make a connection via a Java-program. I downloaded the
> jdbc-6.5-1.2.jar file and renamed it to jdbc.jar and moved it to
> ~/jdk1.3/lib, set the CLASSPATH to ~/jdk1.3/lib and used a program,
> found in the Deitel&Deitel Java book. After that, I tried to make a
> connection to the database I created (testing) and I keep getting
> error-messages.
> Can someone help me with this? I'm trying for 3 days now and still
> no luck.

Bob Kline

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