I want to know how to use jdbc for postgresql in red
hat linux 7.0. I have installed red hat linux 7.0
completely and there are four jdbc.jar files of
different version.There are no postgresql.jar and
finder.jar files. I found two different methods for
jdbc interface:

1) Just set the path   
   CLASSPATH=$CLASSPAH /usr/lib/pgsql/jdbc6.5.1.2.jar
   and compile the program.

   But when I compiled the program using jdk1.1.2   
   there was an exception CLASSNOTFOUND. When this 
   exception was caught it gave the error message 
   How do I set the driver? I used the statements:

   Driver driver = (Driver)Class.forName  

   String     url = "jdbc:postgresql:jtest"; 
   Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection 
   (url, "postgres", "postgres"); 
   Statement  stm = con.createStatement(); 

   Do I have to use "org.postgresql.Driver" instead 
   of "postgresql.Driver"?

2)  Change to directory src/interface/jdbc and type:
    % make 
    to get postgresql.jar and then set the class path 
export CLASSPATH    =
postgresql.jar:.java uk.org.retep.finder.Main

    This src/interface/jdbc is not in any of the   
    postgresql directories (installed from red hat  
    linux 7.0)I therefore downloaded 
    postgresql-7.0.2.tar but some classes were missing

    in it. 
    If I'll succeed in getting postgresql.jar from 
    this method then how will I get finder.jar?    

I found in the same mailing list to rename jdbc6.5.1.2
.jar to postgresql.jar and then set the CLASSPATH. But
it also didn't work out.

Can someone please help me?

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