Peter Mount writes:

> At 14:21 25/03/01 +0200, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> >Mike Cannon-Brookes writes:
> >
> > > tried to pull down the latest src and compile it but I can't. The build
> > file
> > > seems to filter properties like MAJORVERISON, MINORVERSION etc with ant
> > > properties that don't exist?
> >
> >You aren't running 'ant' directly, are you?  Just run 'make'.
> Unless it's changed build.xml should have defaults for these, but make
> should then overide them.

The version numbers used to be hardcoded into the source.  I thought we
were supposed to get rid of this.  We could provide defaults like '0.0',
but anything else is going to get us back to were we started.

> Running just ant should run with just the defaults.
> Peter

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