Title: More Timestamp issues...

I have yet another timestamp issue that I'm not sure how to resolve...  I'm using Postgres 7.0.2.  For some reason, I'm getting the following error:

Bad Timestamp Format at 19 in 2001-03-15 23:56:18.01+00
        at org.postgresql.jdbc2.ResultSet.getTimestamp(ResultSet.java:447)
        at org.postgresql.jdbc2.ResultSet.getTimestamp(ResultSet.java:595)
        at medinex.server.entitybean.JOnASMDXMedicalInfoItemBean.ejbLoad(JOnASMDXMedicalInfoItemBean.java:387)
        at org.objectweb.jonas_ejb.container.EntityContextImpl.activate(EntityContextImpl.java:353)
        at . . .

I switched to using timestamps because of a problem very similar to this, and now I'm having them again.  There isn't anything wrong with that Timestamp value, as far as I can tell.  Can anyone help?  Are there any patches I can apply to fix it?

Thanks a bunch...

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