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I've noticed quite a few postings lately about connecting to the jdbc driver. They all 
seem to mention having the CLASSPATH environment variable set correctly.
In a lot of cases setting CLASSPATH is unnecessary. 
Java 1.2 introduced a feature called the Extension Mechanism which basically allows 
you to make a package accessible by placing its .jar file in a special Java runtime 
All you need to do is copy (or link) your postgresql.jar (or your particular version 
of it) to the path_to_jre/lib/ext directory; path_to_jre on my Java installation is 
/usr/java/jdk1.3/jre .
To quote Sun's documentation :

> Any set of packages or classes can easily be made to play the role 
> of an extension. The first step in turning a set of classes into 
> an extension is to bundle them in a JAR file. Once that's done, you
> can turn the software into an extension in two ways: 
>   * by placing the JAR file in a special location in the directory 
>     structure of the Java Runtime Environment, in which case it's 
>     called an installed extension. 
>   * by referencing the JAR file in a specified way from the manifest
>     of the another JAR file, in which case it's called a download 
>     extension. 

Check out Sun's Java Tutorial page at :
or their documentation at

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