>>The newer 7.1 driver does not suffer from this problem

Can you tell me where to download this driver or post it here?  I haven't
received a response to my previous post about  where to download the driver
from.  There are no links on the following page:

http://jdbc.postgresql.org/download for 7.1 or the beta drivers.

So, if anyone has it, can you send it to me, please, or post it here!!  I
have received several emails from other people on this list, wanting it too.

--heather grace

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> Quoting "Norman J. Clarke" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > John,
> >
> > I had the same problem when I was running 7.0.3 - I may be wrong, but
> > it seems the driver's presentation of the system catalog is pretty
> > limited, so that's what you're stuck with.
> Partly the values passed to getTables() defining what are Tables, System
> etc are not defined in the standard, and also not having access to
> until recently hampered fixing it.
> > The newer 7.1 driver does not suffer from this problem, but I am not
> > sure if it's backwards-compatible with 7.0.3.
> No, as the system tables in 7.1 differ to 7.0.x, and the queries behind
some of
> the MetaData methods are different.
> > I am running 7.1RC2 with its
> > included JDBC driver and it works very nicely for me.
> Should do as JBuilder4 Enterprise is what I'm using as an IDE now.
> Peter
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