Saw this on a EJB list I'm on...

Does anyone know if this is in fact an error and if the driver needs to be


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From: Christofer Sandberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 20 Apr 2001 00:00:01 +0200
Subject: Re: [JBoss-user] CMP Postgres and Booleans

I had this problem aswell, and i belive that the postgres
JDBC2 driver is to blame.

A quick fix to the problem is to edit the file
in the Postgres driver source.

Change the line:
 return ((c == 't') || (c == 'T'));
int the getBoolean function on line 184:ish to:
 return ((c == 't') || (c == 'T') (c == '1'));

This solved the problem for me... thank god for OpenSource.


On 09 Apr 2001 12:00:14 -0700, Philip Craven wrote:
> I have a CMP bean that has a boolean variable.  Before
> jboss is started, the value in the postgres database
> is 1 (true), after I start postgres and the bean is
> loaded, the value goes to false, and the database is
> updated to reflect this.  What do I have
> misconfigured?

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