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> Folks-
>   I've got an idea on a possible extension to the jdbc driver.  I want
> to submit a patch, but only if others think it makes sense.  I want to
> add a 'clause' that would slightly change the return value of the
> executeUpdate(String) method in the Statment class.  The goal is to
> allow the return of the oid instead of the number of rows affected in
> certain cases.  For example:
>   insert into tablename(name) values('sample') returning oid
> as the string would cause the returning value of the executeUpdate()
> method to be the oid of inserted row (if successful) instead of the
> count of updated rows.
> I like the idea since I can now use standard pooling managers (like
> PoolMan) and have access to the oid without having access to the
> postgresql Statement class.  Of course, the problem is that I'm now
> 'overloading' the returning value of the method, which is ugly.  Also,
> 'faking' SQL syntax in the jdbc driver that doesn't exist in the
> postgresql backend may also be problematic.  Since callable statement
> doesn't support returned values yet, I figure this would help.

So you really want the OID from the update?  We want to add RETURNING to
the standard SQL capabilities of the backend.

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