> The current CVS sources look wrong to me.  It has:
>   if (result != null) && ((org.postgresql.ResultSet)result.reallyResultSet())
> Shouldn't this be:
>   if (result != null && ((org.postgresql.ResultSet)result.reallyResultSet()))
> Not sure if the extra parens are needed for:
>   if (result != null && ((org.postgresql.ResultSet)result).reallyResultSet())
> Comments?

The extra parenthesis are required (since java.sql.ResultSet doesn't
have a method 'reallyResultSet()' which returns an object which can be
succesfully cast as a 'org.postgresql.ResultSet), but I think it would be
cleaner just to declare 'result' as 'org.postgresql.ResultSet' on line 27,
that way none of the messy casts (of which there are 11) would be

Michael xxx

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