Hello, I am new to this list.

I successfully compiled and installed PostgreSQL on Mac OS X. It is used 
in quite a large project that was developed on Linux. The application 
connects to the database via JDBC. Everything works fine except for one 
thing: Charset support. Our main customers are from Germany and we need 
support for characters that are not part of the ASCII charset. We need 
iso-8859-1. I created the database using ./createdb 
--encoding=LATIN1 ... . The files that are read into the database are 
the same that are used on the Linux machines. On LINUX everything works 
fine, the special charaters are displayed correct in the browser. But 
when the server app runs on Mac OS X, other characters are display 

Has anyone got a solution for my problem or some experience with 
PostgreSQL and JDBC on the Mac???

Thanks in advance,

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