On Sun, May 20, 2001 at 10:46:07PM +0530, Subhramanya Shiva wrote:
> Hi all
> I installed postgresql successfully. 
> But when i starting the server it is showing the server status differently
> DEBUG:  CheckPoint record at (0, 1522288)
> DEBUG:  Redo record at (0, 1522288); Undo record at (0, 0); Shutdown TRUE
> DEBUG:  NextTransactionId: 618; NextOid: 18720
> DEBUG:  database system is in production state

        This is normal.

> after this 
> when i was starting the psql
> it was giving error "user not found in the system catalog"

        You probably want to start psql with the '-U' option and specify that
you are connecting with the 'postgres' user.  Then you can use the "CREATE
USER" command to make one with your username.

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