Hi all,
  I'm trying to use the jdbc driver for postgresql to insert unicode
values in my database.

  I've got a table : test(test_field varchar(50)).
  I'm trying to insert and compare unicode string in this test_field,
but if I insert two different values ("\u2293", "\u2256") with a
PreparedStatement and a setString, the backend does not seem to make a
difference beetween those two values. If I try a Select from test where
test_field = ? and a setString(1, "\u2256") my result set gives me two

  Could someone please help me ?

  I compiled postgres with blcksz=32768 and the
--enable-multibyte=UNICODE option. \encoding returns me UNICODE
  I connect to the server whith jdbc7.0_1.2 (found at
  I use the property charSet=utf-8 when making the connection
(info.put("charSet", "utf-8"); Driver.getConnection(db, info);)


Joel Seguillon.

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