Patrice Le Gurun <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hello everybody !
> I currently work on a project based on Java and PostgreSQL. This morning I
> "discovered" a bug in DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() that did not retrieve
> columns's informations when the table's name containt some uppercase
> characters. It's a big problem for me because I must work with some tables
> with uppercase char.
> After some looks on the CVS tree, it seems that the tablename pattern is
> converted to lowercase in the request. Is it possible to not convert the
> pattern to lowercase or use a insensitive case search ?

That's odd - I thought pgsql was case insensitive when it came to
table and column names?  Ie,



select id from testdb;

are functionally equivalent?

BTW - great piece of s/w guys!  We're using it as one of the db
drivers in the MaVerick project (DataBasic compiler) - can't wait for
update-able resultsets & rs.getArray(1) :-)


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