Hi all,

I'm currently running 7.1.2 on OpenBSD 2.9-current. I am attempting to
connect to a database over IP, so I have the following 'start' command
in my /etc/rc.local:

su postgres -c '/usr/local/pgsql/bin/pg_ctl -o "-i" -D /web/databases -l
/web/databases/logfile.log start > /dev/null'

Also, I have the following in my /web/databases/pg_hba.conf
('/web/databases' is set up as $PGDATA):

host         all         xxx.xxx.xx.0       crypt passwd

(obviously, the 'xxx.xxx.xx.0' is my host set.)

I have also created the file /web/databases/passwd which contains the
username/password pair I wish to use to connect to the database.

So, after all this, I have a jdbc connection URL of:

jdbc:postgresql://[my host]/[my db]

(as per the spec)

I also pass in the username and password that I set up using pg_passwd.

Of course, if it worked, I wouldn't have just written all of that :)

The JDBC driver claims "Password authentication failed for user 'XXXX'"

So, does anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks,

Paul Hart

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