hi bruce,

i'd be happy to generate the jar-files (at least for jdbc1, maybe also 
jdbc2), providing that you (or somebody else) include all the patches 
and provide me with the files to just hit compile it.

i don't know my way around makefiles and ant (or xml in this case) to do 
any error handling. sorry.


> same with me.
>>  > i would really love to get my hands on a precompiled jar file for 7.1, 
>> both for jdbc2 and jdbc1 (especially for that one, after all the 
>> problems that exist with it).
>>  > this would save a lot of discussion on the mailing list if someone 
>> capable of it could incorporate all the patches mentioned by bruce and 
>> others and generate the jar file for 7.1/jdbc1 .
>>  > if it is for the lack of hardware, i am happy to provide an account on a 
>> red hat linux 7.0.9 and/or irix 6.5 machine for the task.
>> unfortunately i am not capable enough to incorporate the patches myself.
>> sorry.
>  The bigger issue is that I have tons of JDBC patches sitting in:
>       http://candle.pha.pa.us/cgi-bin/pgpatches  These were on hold while we 
>released 7.1.X.  Now that we are on 7.2,
> they are ready to be applied, and could generate a really nice jar file.
> Peter said he will look over them today.  Once they are applied, a new
> JAR should be generated for testing.  Peter usually does that, but his
> development machine is sometimes down.  Maybe someone else could
> generate it.

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