Since my last post I was able to get the JDBC driver to work. The 
initial posting contained my steps which did in fact seem to work except 
for a typo :(

Besides the typo, a simple Tomcat restart was all I needed. The basic 
problem appears not to be the usage of the driver but the configuration 
of Tomcat. Unlike other J2EE products I have worked with, Tomcat seems 
to need CLASSPATH attention in several related places, something I am 

-Peter Mezzina

Yu Ye Zhou wrote:

> Hi all:
>       I've read the mailling list about Peter's and
> others' trouble installation JDBC. I have trouble
> installing JDBC too. From the mailing list, I do not
> get any hint to solve my trouble.  
>       I already have ant installed and jaxp in my
> classpath. I also successfully install postgresql
> verion 7.1. (I inistall it before the release of the
> version 7.1.2.) When I try to compile JDBC, I get an
> error from gmake. I don't know what exactly the error
> is. It only tells me this "***[all]error 2".
>        Do any body know what the error is? How can I
> do to get the JDBC install? Should I upgrade
> postgresql to version 7.1.2? The JDBC I try to compile
> comes together with postgresql in the interface
> directory. 
>        Any body have any hint please help me. I've
> been stuck and I really do not have any idear about
> it. Please help me.
>         Yu Ye Zhou  
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