On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 10:56:18PM -0400, Dave Cramer wrote:
> I have to agree, we need to compile a todo list. 
> Mine would include:
> 1) Comprehensive test suite. This may be available already.
> 2) Updateable resultSet
> 3) Improved DatabaseMetaData
> 4) Compatible blob support

That looks pretty good from where I stand. I would perhaps separate
out also, the fact that the ResultSet.insertXXX() methods also need to be
implemented as well as the updateXXX methods. I guess this comes under
the updateable resultSet but it's not clear.

What about current known bugs or compliance issues?

How about the web site? Stuff I'd like added would be, where to find
this list, where to find the cvs version, updated binaries, I know
someone on this list has made them available. 

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