Adam Haberlach wrote:

>       This may be a Postgres JDBC question, but it may also be an
> Apache Jakarta/Tomcat question...
>       I recently moved a few of my pages over from PHP to .jsp and
> now I notice that I've got postgres backends sitting around, as
> though some of my connections are being pooled or persistant.
> As far as I can tell, my scripts are correctly closing the
> connections, so they shouldn't be sitting around--does anyone
> know if there is some automatic pooling/persistant connecting
> happening, either in the JDBC driver or in Tomcat?  How would I
> turn this off or adjust it down?

SOmething is amiss... How is Apache Tomcat set up? are you using mod_jk?


Tony Grant

RedHat Linux on Sony Vaio C1XD/S
Macromedia UltraDev with PostgreSQL

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