Before looking at it as a driver problem, try telneting to the port
on the machine from the machine you are trying to run it on. ie...

Sys-A$ telnet Sys-B 5432

If it can't connect, then it is a network problem, like the firewall
etc getting in your way. 

No route to host though sounds like the System-A has no routing information
about how to get to System-B, never mind the getting to a port on it. You
may need to add a static route... It doesn't look like a pgsql problem
from here.


On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 10:45:51AM +0900, vasudeva wrote:
> Remote PostgreSQL connection.
>    When I tried to connect to PostgreSQL DB from a remote system in another network 
>, where a firewall is also installed, using JDBC driver 
>    I am getting an error 'NoRouteToHostException'.
>    Scenario:
>     Client for PostgreSQL(System-A):is also a webserver with apache,tomcat and 
>postgresql installed on it. The Firewall (IPChains) is also installed on this system.
>     My web application has to connect to a remote PostgreSQL in another network
>    postgresql version on this system : 7.0.3
>     Remote DB(System-B): is also a webserver where apache , tomcat , postgresql are 
>installed . CLient has to get data from this DB.
>    postgresql version on this system: 7.0.3   
>    What I did :
>    1.In firewall  entry on Sys-A, i have given permission for the Postgres 
>port(5432) for Sys-B IP address ,both input and also output permissions.
>    2.In pg_hba.conf on Sys-B , I have added the host entry for client IP address 
>(Sys-A) and also the server IPaddress(Sys-B)
>   I am using postgres JDBC driver in my web application to access DB. url " 
>jdbc:postgresql://Sys-B IP/dbName"
>   when i invoke my application I am getting the error as NoRouteToHostException.
>   When I ran the same application from another system(Sys-C) which is in the same 
>network as Sys-B (no firewall ), I am able to access DB, Without any entry in
>   pg_hba.conf file on remote PostgreSQL (Sys-B) .

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