> > The list of columns you return is wrong.  There is no COLUMN_NAME column.
> Does PostgreSQL actually support privileges for individual columns?

No.  Even if it would, this would belong into
DatabaseMetaData.getColumnPrivileges().  getColumnPrivileges() could still
be implemented, it would just look at the table privileges instead.

> > TABLE_CAT should be filled in with the database name (should be available
> > via getConnection().getCatalog()).  A missing TABLE_SCHEM should be set to
> > null (in the SQL sense).  Also you have GRANTOR and GRANTEE mixed up,
> > besides the fact that PostgreSQL doesn't store the GRANTEE at all (yet).
> Sorry about that. Surely the grantee is the username in the relacl
> field e.g. {"=","jason=arwR"} and the grantor is the owner of the
> table?

Most likely, but it could also be any superuser.  Since we don't allow
grant options anyway I would just set it to null to not confuse the issue.

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