If your code only runs against PostgreSQL, then the answer is that it 
wouldn't be worth your time.  The FE/BE protocol that the postgres JDBC 
driver uses doesn't support binding variables, so the JDBC driver ends 
up doing exactly what you are currently doing in your code, and builds 
up a single string from all the values and sends the result to the 
server.  If your code also runs against other databases (for example 
Oracle) then you could expect to see performance improvements as other 
databases may (Oracle does) cache statements and rebind/reexecute.


Sheer El-Showk wrote:

> Does anyone have some handy metrics of the performance advantage of
> prepared vs unprepared statements?  I'm considering the case of an
> application which has to make multiple queries/inserts (30-100) per
> application transaction and which is currenlty generating the sql by
> building the strings on the fly then passing them to the JDBC.  Can I
> expect significant (ie worth the recoding time) performance increases by
> converting the statements into prepared statements?
> Thanks,
> Sheer
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