Run your program using nohup.  In general java programs don't get unix

> Nikk Anderson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using the postgres jdbc which was compiled on Solaris as part of
> the postgres 7.1 installation.
> I have a program which runs as a deamon, and connects to postgres for
> data.  As it is running as a deamon, we have included some signal
> handling routines.  We are trying to trap HUP (kill -1)  signals, so
> that the process will not exit when that signal is sent.
> If the program uses the jdbc driver, then the program can not catch
> the HUP signal - however, if we do NOT use the jdbc at all, then we
> can trap the signal and deal with it as we wish.
> Does the postgres driver catch the signals, thus overiding my attempts
> to catch them?
> Any ideas
> Thanks
> Nikk Anderson

Joseph Shraibman
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