>This normally should work (calling con.setAutoCommit(false);) for large

It turns out the setAutoCommit(false) was getting eaten in the J2EE
app server (Orion, i.e. Oracle 9iAS) which tends to do its own thing
with connections, so only the first call to setAutoCommit after
getting the Connection wrapper seems to do anything noticeable on
the back end...

BTW, while I was playing with this I edited the driver code a little
to do begin/commit around LOB handling for the autoCommit==true case,
it seems to me that the transactional-LOB limitation could
be removed from the JDBC driver for most cases that matter in
practice with little effort.  The only tricky case is where a stream
gets shipped out to user code, but this can be handled by closing
the transaction with the connection or by wrapping the stream.  Any


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