PG 7.1.2, jdbc7.1-1.2.jar, RH Linux 6.2 (with upgrade to kernel 2.4.5 [and
    library upgrades]):

I've got a table with 5 columns, two of which are type 'text' and intended to
hold XMLized java objects (constructed using the JSX package).  However, the
XML tends to be pretty large (and I'll need *much* larger later).

When attempting to insert a row through jdbc, I get an exception which (I assume)
results from the size of the XML:

Too much data was received.
        at org.postgresql.PG_Stream.ReceiveString(
        at org.postgresql.Connection.ExecSQL(
        at org.postgresql.jdbc2.Statement.execute(
        at org.postgresql.jdbc2.Statement.executeUpdate(
        at OCS.database.DbServer.execute(

I seem to remember discussion on a limit in the jdbc driver that might
be causing this, but couldn't find it in the psql-jdbc mail archives.

Am I likely correct in this being the problem?  Is there a fix in the

Alternatively (and the reason this is cross posted to pgsql-general):

Is there a better way to store these large XML strings than as a text type?
If so, how?  Ultimately, they may be many thousands of bytes long.


Steve Wampler-  SOLIS Project, National Solar Observatory

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