Tom Lane writes:

> Peter E. has previously commented that Postgres databases correspond
> most closely to the SQL concept of "catalog cluster", not "catalog".

I most certainly did not.  According to my interpretation:

schema = schema
catalog = database
cluster = thing you get from initdb

This is also how we currently document it and it tends to be the practice
in other products as well.

> This agrees with my reading of SQL92 4.13:
>          A cluster is an implementation-defined collection of catalogs.
>          Exactly one cluster is associated with an SQL-session and it
>          defines the totality of the SQL-data that is available to that
>          SQL-session.

Yes, the stuff served by a single postmaster is the totality of the
SQL data available to that SQL session.  But note:

         The method of creation and destruction of
         catalogs is implementation-defined. The set of catalogs that
         can be referenced in any SQL-statement, during any particular
         SQL-transaction, or during the course of an SQL-session is also

(just above your stuff)

which serves us just fine.

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