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It's likely not the jdbc driver, but the postgres setup. do you have the ip address setup in pg_hba.conf?
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Subject: [JDBC] unexpected error.

I'm using postgresql 7.1.2 and jdbc7.0-1.2.
when I do a getConnection i receive this message (in french).
Quelque chose de peu commun s'est produit pour faire échouer le gestionnaire. Veuillez enregistrer cette exception: {0}
That means that something unusal occured, and I should record this exception: {0}
All was working well with postgresql 7.0.x, the error occured when i upgraded to 7.1.2
I tried with jdk 1.2 an 1.3 ans the problem is always the same.
Does some one know if it's due to the pgsql installation, the jdbc version or something else?
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