Dave Cramer schrieb:

> Joerg,
> Have you received a satisfactory answer to this problem yet?
> Dave

Hi Dave and the rest :)

I do many tests in the moment an I think I made a mistake (i'm not sure).
Perhaps, I misunderstand a error message. I tested the SELECT query once
more and the simple one works. (And much faster as with the
ODBC-JDBC-Bridge). But a SELECT query with a bit more complicated structure,
e.g. with and WHERE or ORDER do NOT work ("not yet implemented). I test this
in the moment because I don't want to wast your time once more (sorry for
that if so) if I make a mistake.

If the normal driver do not work I will test the one from fastcrypt and
another one I found on blackdown...

If I can not resolve my problem I will contact you once more...

Thank you very much for your interest

Jörg Sommer

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