Dear Sir or Madam,

I got an error as per subject. Following is my

Server: Red Hat Linux 7.1
PostgreSQL: 7.1.2
JDBC Driver: jdbc7.1-1.2.jar

Client: Windows 98
JDBC Driver: 
   first time: jdbc7.1-1.2.jar 
   second time: jdbc7.1-1.3.jar 

Driver:   org.postgresql.Driver
URL:  jdbc:postgresql:heithere

where heithere is the db name.
I use a cross-wired line to connect the server and
client. The connection
has no problem.  I started postmaster with the
parameter -i for TCPIP
connection and -D for the db location.

I wrote a small test program using jBuilder. It runs
correctly on the server. However, when I run it on the
client, it got the error.  Please help.

Best Regards,


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