Hi Dave,

The code is very small. It is just a test :

         *  Java sample program

        import java.io.*;
        import java.sql.*;
        import org.postgresql.util.Serialize;

        public class lili implements  Serializable

       String myString;
       int myNumber;

            public lili()   throws ClassNotFoundException, FileNotFoundException, IOException, SQLException


          private void testmethod(){};
           public void testmethod2x(){};

            public static void main(String args[])
                try {
                    lili mylili = new lili();
                  Class.forName("org.postgresql.Driver");         // load database interface
                                                                                                    // connect to the database
     org.postgresql.Connection conn = (org.postgresql.Connection)DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/onlinechess", "postgres",   "mypassword");     // works
      // test of serialisation
      org.postgresql.util.Serialize.create(conn, mylili);     // makes problems

                } catch(Exception exc)
                    System.err.println("Exception caught.\n" + exc);

Dave Cramer wrote:


Can you send us your code. Or a snippet?


Hi! I am new here.

I did a small test to try object serialization with the
org.postgresql.util.Serialize class.

I get the following exception  when I try to use the at
org.postgresql.util.Serialize.create Method. :

at org.postgresql.jdbc2.ResultSet.getString(ResultSet.java:148)
  at org.postgresql.util.Serialize.create(Serialize.java:241)
at org.postgresql.util.Serialize.create(Serialize.java:220)

I looked at  create in Serialization.java and saw that
the exception occurs at getString although I have no table corresponding
to the class I want to serialize.
       //   String lolo=rs.getString(1);}

Although the resultset is empty (because the table is absent) , why
getString  has been run ?

Can you help me  ?


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