Yes, you have to commit the transaction at the end

Con.commit(), or con.rollback() I think.

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Daniel Fisher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I'm having some trouble inserting a large object into the database. 
> I'm fairly certain that the problem is in my java code because I wrote

> some quick PHP code and it worked fine. The main problem is I'm not 
> getting any errors, so I'm kinda stumped. The code appears to run 
> fine, but nothing is being inserted into the database.

The query trace shows that you are starting a transaction (with BEGIN)
and never committing it (no COMMIT or END).  So when you close the
connection, the transaction is rolled back, and its effects go away.

I suppose that having done "conn.setAutoCommit(false)", you need to add
a command to explicitly commit the transaction, but I don't know JDBC
well enough to know how you do that...

                        regards, tom lane

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