I read in comp.lang.java.databases that help is needed with
development of the JDBC driver. Can someone please provide some
pointers to what needs to be done?

What are the open issues? Is it JDBC 2.0 compliance? PostgreSQL
7.1 support?

I've seen a lot of postings about BLOB problems, and
JDBC-standard BLOB support is on the overall todo list
(http://www.postgresql.org/docs/todo.html). Is that still open
for development? Is there anyone who has already looked at
JDBC-standard BLOB support? If so, what are the challenges and

I can't promise anything yet, but I'll certainly consider
helping with PostgreSQL/JDBC development. I'm fluent in Java and
have developed a database driver before (for Oracle in a
proprietary product). I'm about to spend quite a lot of time on
developing a web application in Java on top of PostgreSQL, so I
certainly have an interest in good JDBC support.

If you're not a developer but a user of the driver, what are
your current complaints or wish list items?

René Pijlman

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