Hi ,
    I have 2 tables in my postgres DB .
    2 tables have a field "my_image" of type "oid" ( Blob) .
    I have to 
        1.get a row from table A
        2.insert it in table B 
        3.delete that from table A .
    Can I do like this ?
        ResultSet rs ;
        PreparedStatement pstmt;
        String qry2 = "SELECT * FROM A";
        String qry = "INSERT INTO B (my_image) VALUES(?)";
        /*This part is doubtful to me */
        I am using rs.getInt() because I need only oid . It is working fine when I tested this code.
I am able to insert integer in to field of type oid . I can retrieve image(Blob object) from table B using that inserted integer.
    However I don't know how much correct this way is . Please advice me.
    Thanks in advance.

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