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Hello !

> > I agree with you. But is there someone that could find the exact place to
> > correct it ? This would be nice... And it would spare some time in the
> > mailling-lists, just do a search at "unusual" and you'll see 
> ;-))
>I thought I'd take more of a look at this (because I don't want to do the
>work I'm supposed to be doing!).  It looks for all the world to me that
>the code is correct and that somehow MessageFormat.format() isn't working
>properly.  This is, of course, unlikely, since I'm pretty sure Sun has
>tested MessageFormat quite a bit!
>Do you have a simple test case I can run that will show the problem?
>There's not much I can do without being able to reproduce the problem.

It is very easy to reproduce the bug !

Just change you pg_hba.conf so that the host on which you are has
got no entry. And you'll see :

Instead of saying "unusual error, please record the following exception :
No pg_hba.conf entry for host, user postgres database
test" (or something like that) it will say only :

"unusual error, please record the following exception : {0}"


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