Patch rejected.  Please update with jdbc suggestions and resubmit.

> Hello...
> This is my first contribution for Postgresql, so I hope its
> found the proper home.
> The patch adds Array support to the JDBC2 library (to myknowledge
> Arrays aren't part of JDBC 1.0(?)).  Specifically you can now use
> the ResultSet.getArray() method to return an java.sql.Array object.
> Its a really convenient way to load up a Java array with one
> columns' worth of results.
> It is mostly implemented, except for a few less common data types
> that I wasn't sure how to correctly pack into the tuples.  The
> JDBC Array method variants that use type Map objects are likewise
> unsupported because the corresponding code in ResultSet has yet
> to be enabled.  Other than that its all there.
> The patch is for the 7.1.2 "latest" build.  I tried building the
> snapshot build but for some reason it wouldn't compile for me,
> so the "latest" was the best available.
> To apply the patch:
>  > cd to <postgresql_src_dir>/src/interfaces/jdbc/org/postgresql
>  > patch -p1 < /PATH_TO_PATCH_FILE/patch.txt
>  > cd ../..
>  > ant
> This will build the new postgresql.jar in the jars directory.
> Please forward any comments to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Thanks
> Greg Zoller
> ps.  I would be very grateful if the owner/maintainer of the
> JDBC interface would fire off a short email to tell me if my
> Array code is worthy of inclusion in the next Postgresql
> release!
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