I could not mention my question clearly in my previous post.
    My question is,
    Will rs.getInt("someBlobColumn") always return 0 when oid type column contains NULL ?
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Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 PM 05:25
Subject: [JDBC] How to deal with "oid" field when it contains NULL ?

    I am retrieving value of "oid" field using "getBlob(columnName)" method of ResultSet .
It is working fine if that field contains some "oid" reference . But if the field contains
NULL , then it is throwing following error .
    "FastPath call returned ERROR:  inv_open: large object 0 not found"
    I am able to solve the problem using the following way .
    ResultSet rs ;
    //If the value of reference is 0 , then there is no Blob value in the row for the column "columnX".
    if(rs.getInt("columnX") != 0){
        Blob someBlob = rs.getBlob("columnX");
    Is there any better way than this ?
    Thanks in advance.

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