This is typical.  Until you do a vacuum the old versions of a row are 
still in the db, so an update has to do an index query on an index to 
get to the row that needs indexing, which returns a lot of pointers to 
old entries, that then have to be tranversed until the valid one in 
found.  Then the update makes one more invalid row.

> I am having some performance problems with postgresql and JDBC when it
> comes to updates.  If I try and update a record it seems to be taking 1.7
> seconds for 100 records or 14 seconds for 500 records.  An insert is only
> taking between 3-5 ms/record.  Performance on the updates continue to
> decrease until I vacuum analyze the database again.  Is this normal?
> Mike


Joseph Shraibman
Increase signal to noise ratio.

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