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>The problem is in DatabaseMetaData.java (same code in both jdbc1 and
>jdbc2, looks like).  It does direct access to pg_description that isn't
>right anymore.  In getTables, instead of
>       java.sql.ResultSet dr = connection.ExecSQL("select description from 
>pg_description where objoid="+r.getInt(2));
>it should be
>       java.sql.ResultSet dr = connection.ExecSQL("select 

Done that (columns to). When testing I noticed a difference
between 7.1 and 7.2: when there is no comment on a table or
column, 7.1 returns the string "no remarks" in the REMARKS
column of the ResultSet from getTables()/getColumns(), whereas
7.2 returns null.

So it appears that your new statement that uses
obj_description() and col_description() returns one row with a
null when there is no comment, instead of 0 rows. Is this

The JDBC spec says: "String object containing an explanatory
comment on the table/column, which may be null". So actually,
this new behaviour is closer to the standard than the old
behaviour and I'm inclined to leave it this way. In fact, I
might as well remove the defaultRemarks code from

This might break existing code that doesn't follow the JDBC spec
and isn't prepared to handle a null in the REMARKS column of

René Pijlman

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