On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 11:00:40AM -0700, Whitney Hunter wrote:

> I believe that the url format is "jdbc.postgresql://<host>/<database>". This
> could be the problem.

Nope, that isn't the problem. The url format is correct. (assuming of
course that the database that Peter is connecting to is running on his
computer on port 5432.)

> I am totally new to both postgresql and jdbc, so I'm probably committing
> some very basic error, but I am unable to make a connection to my
> database via jdbc.  I am using postgresql 7.1.2 which seems to  be
> running OK (under Suse Linux 7.1); at least I can run the sample

Your code looks alright - there are no errors/... there. Try a newer
JDBC driver (from CVS). Other than that, the problem could be your JVM.
Which one are you using exactly?


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