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> I guess my question is, when I submitted the patches after 7.1.2 was released,
> I was hoping they would be in the next release, 7.1.3  Is there a way for my
> patches to make it into the next release, which I assume is 7.2?  Or, is the
> current source-tree geared for 7.2 all-along?

Good question.  We froze jdbc around February 2001 for 7.1.X.  At that
time, our main jdbc maintainer wasn't available and we didn't have
enough jdbc testers to add stuff during the beta period.

This issue came up recently in relation to backpatching a python fix,
and the conclusion was that jdbc 7.1.X is "a hopeless cause" and I tend
to agree.  I had >6 unapplied jdbc patches at the time we released 7.1.
They are all now in CVS.

Anyone who reports a jdbc problem is encourage to download the CVS JAR


7.2 will be different because we now have an active jdbc community of
coders and testers.

Also, keep in mind most patches aren't backpatched for reliability

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