I don't mind. Wrote it to do one particular job, extended its
functionality a couple times, most recently to implement a crude pooling
system. The code needs work (what doesn't when it gets genericised... )
but it'd be a good starting point at least. I own the IP (as much as
anyone owns IP to stuff built on top of other peoples' work) so there's no
hassle releasing it as GPL code or whatever.

I'm leaving this job in 2 weeks and going to another one so - how fast do
you need the code?

Another alternative for you is RmiJdbc. I looked at this but decided to
'roll my own' as I wanted the ability to submit batch jobs and do a
couple other unusual things like crosstab datasets - in effect turn a
'deep' table structure into a 'wide' one for easy display in a JTable etc.
The batch stuff is pretty generic but not the crosstab code; never needed

> something maybe that would fit into contrib? :)
> On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Peter Wiley wrote:
> >
> > I've got a pile of RMI/JDBC code that does something damn close if not
> > exactly what you want. Client & server ends. I wrote it to allow
> > interactive queries & display the results in a Java applet or application
> > then extended it to allow interactive and/or batch insert/update/delete
> > functionality with (optionally) an email back telling you what happened to
> > your batch SQL.
> >
> > It's known to work against Informix, Oracle 8i and I think PostgreSQL -
> > certainly there's no reason why it won't asit just loads the appropriate
> > JDBC driver.

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