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>I am seeing the following error from Array.java.  Any idea?

I've briefly looked at it and all these errors are caused by
org/postgresql/jdbc2/Array.java calling methods in
org/postgresql/Field.java which are not there.

This is related to the patch that Barry Lind posted last
wednesday: "This patch moves the logic that looks up TypeOid,
PGTypeName, and SQLTypeName from Field to Connection."

It seems that his patch for
./src/interfaces/jdbc/org/postgresql/jdbc2/Array.java has not
been applied, ...

>FYI, I had applied the V3 array patch to the wrong directory.  
>The current CVS has the proper version and that is where this 
>error is coming from.

... or has perhaps been overwritten by a re-apply of an older

René Pijlman

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