We are developing a project using PostgreSQL 7.1.2 and JDBC drivers to
  exchange information with the database. Here is a piece of code to explain
  our problem:

  PreparedStatement pstmt;
  Connection connection;
  ResultSet rs = null;
  String query = new String( "SELECT count(*) FROM foo_table WHERE 
foo_code=?;" );
  pstmt = connection.prepareStatement( query );
  pstmt.setString( 1, foo );
  rs = pstmt.executeQuery( query );


  return rs.next();

  the next() method will cause a java.lang.NullPointerException
  when the ResultSet comes from a PreparedStatement!!! Is this problem
  originated by the JDBC driver? We downloaded it from jdbc.fastcrypt.com
  but this error occurs again and again and in jdbc.postgresql.org we see
  7.0.x drivers available but none 7.1 nor 7.1.2 exists...

  We'd appreciate any help you could give us.If your address is not the
  correct place to ask this questions please tell us.

  Thanks in advance.

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