Hi all,

The Connection.EscapeSQL() routine is broken IMHO . Actually, I'm not
sure why it is trying to fix strings starting with "{d" in the first place?

Anyway, currently I've turned it off in the statement with

The problem I'm having is that "{d" appears in the data that I'm trying
to store and its not a date. So data like the following...

.....blahhh}; {blahhh }; {docs=""};

is turning into...

.....blahhh}; {blahhh };   ocs="" ;
                         ^^      ^

What's more is if I have something like "{d....." and there is no ending 
brace, it will throw a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException as the return
value of the indexOf() looking for the closing brace will not find one
and thus setCharAt() will use an illegal index of -1 :(

The routine is below for reference... Can anyone explain why it is trying
to do this on me in the first place. I would think escape processing would
do something a little different like watching my single quotes etc.

    public String EscapeSQL(String sql) {
      //if (DEBUG) { System.out.println ("parseSQLEscapes called"); }

      // If we find a "{d", assume we have a date escape.
      // Since the date escape syntax is very close to the
      // native Postgres date format, we just remove the escape
      // delimiters.
      // This implementation could use some optimization, but it has
      // worked in practice for two years of solid use.
      int index = sql.indexOf("{d");
      while (index != -1) {
        //System.out.println ("escape found at index: " + index);
        StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(sql);
        buf.setCharAt(index, ' ');
        buf.setCharAt(index + 1, ' ');
        buf.setCharAt(sql.indexOf('}', index), ' ');
        sql = new String(buf);
        index = sql.indexOf("{d");
      //System.out.println ("modified SQL: " + sql);
      return sql;


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