Is there a reason you are not using getBinaryStream()?  You can't read a 
binary file with and AsciiStream.


Isabelle Therrien wrote:
> Hi
> I've seen a couple of discussion about this subject, and I wonder if you
> could help me finding a workaround for my problem too.
> I work with big XML documents, around 12000 to 15000 characters.  Since
> these documents were occasionnally causing me performance problems
> during store operations, I tried using package's "deflate"
> and "inflate" methods to compress my data.  These method output byte
> arrays, and the bytes can have any arbitrary value.  Including "-1".
> So now, to store my data in the database, I use BLOB instead of TEXT.
> It works fine, my data is stored and retreived without any problem with
> method set and getAsciiStream()... until there is a byte with value "-1"
> in my Stream.  If the 43rd byte is "-1", the stream has a length of 42.
> The problem is that I cannot really escape the character, since it's
> compressed data, and I can't just remove it assuming it's a null
> character, cause it's not.
> Somebody has a clue?
> Isabelle
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