> I ran a few bench marks on JAVA writing to a postgreSQL table
> using  and
> found that for the same number of records added to the table as a
> similar PERL routine the following results :
>      PERL 39 seconds : JAVA 45 Seconds.
> In a similar experiment where PERL and JAVA did treir output to the
> screen and not to a table,
> JAVA took 3 seconds and PERL 310 Seconds.

Was that 310 milliseconds in Perl?

> My conclusion is that the database driver to postgreSQL is still far
> from efficient in the JAVA implementation.

One thing that may affect the Java performance when written out to the
screen is the overhead of using System.out.println() calls as these are a
call to native code and synchronized too for multithreaded output.

Maybe if we can pump the test through a profiler and work out where the bulk
of the Java operations are occurring for test 1.


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